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If you've ever been a fan of reality TV or are simply curious about the behind-the-scenes aspects of this genre, then you're in for a treat. Kate Casey's podcast dives deep into the world of unscripted television, featuring interviews with talented directors and producers of popular reality shows, docuseries, and documentaries.

During our conversation with Kate, we explore her inspiring journey and the insights she has gained from her experiences. We discuss the importance of gaining a deeper understanding of others and the choices they make in their lives. Kate shares personal stories about her cultural background and her experience with boarding school, shedding light on the factors that shaped her unique perspective on the world.

As a mother of five, Kate gracefully balances her responsibilities while actively caring for people's emotional and mental well-being.Throughout the episode, Kate's wisdom shines through, as she shares valuable advice and insights for navigating difficult conversations, especially when it comes to discussing complex family dynamics. Although Kate cannot directly relate to every situation, her own experiences from a dysfunctional background have given her a unique perspective and guidance to offer. We explore her fascinating perspective on the interconnectedness between herself and the people she encounters in life. She opens up about her first marriage and the self-discovery and happiness she found in her second marriage, which brought stability and security.

Kate Casey's journey embodies the spirit of the Mile 40 Podcast – overcoming challenges, embracing growth, and drawing inspiration from our experiences. 

Kate Casey is an unscripted television expert. She is obsessed with great storytelling and stories about real people. She hosts one of the highest rated podcasts in TV & Film. Twice a week Kate interviews talent, directors, and producers of TV’s most popular reality shows, docuseries, and documentaries. She loves to ask about how projects are developed, get behind the scenes stories, and help the audience see a cast member or subject in a whole new light.

With Kate's help you will never have to worry what to watch again. Each week She compiles a list of the most interesting unscripted shows, series, and documentaries in a variety of genres and from every network. She wants to help you expand your unscripted viewing. Kate believes that unscripted television at its best allows you to peak into someone else’s world, which broadens your perspective of the world around you.

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