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Zoe Hartsfield, a California native living in Colorado is a remarkable individual who has journeyed from sales to marketing, embraced vulnerability, and learned valuable lessons along the way. Coming from a family who of lawyers, doctors, and CPAs who followed traditional career paths, Zoe was expected to follow in that same path - that was until she decided to not show up to her LSAT and let her intuition steer her forward. During her senior year of college, Zoe unexpectedly found herself working as an SDR (Sales Development Representative) and quickly discovered her love for software sales. Intrigued by the industry, she transitioned into marketing, eager to explore the field further.

Deep down, she knew that pursuing a career she wasn't passionate about would be a disservice to herself. Her decision led her down a path she never anticipated. Zoe thrived in the software industry, embracing the challenges and the gratification that came with it. Reflecting on her journey, she is grateful for the serendipitous twist of fate that redirected her career.

In this episode, Zoe takes us on a journey through her career evolution however Zoe's story doesn't just revolve around professional success. She opens up about the struggles she faced along the way, including mental health challenges, personal losses, and the pressure to conform to traditional expectations. Through therapy and prioritizing self-care, Zoe learned the importance of taking care of oneself in order to show up for others. Join us as we delve into topics like career transitions, the power of vulnerability, and the impact of fitness on mental health. Zoe's story is one of growth, resilience, and ultimately, finding the balance between personal and professional fulfillment.

Zoe Hartsfield is a marketing leader, content creator, ghostwriter, speaker, and b2b brand advisor. She's passionate about helping young sales and marketing professionals level up in their careers and also is a major advocate for mental health. She is a salesperson trapped in a marketer's body and is currently building the executive presence and b2b influencer program at Apollo. 

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