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Yosef Herzog found himself struggling with his health and fitness after leaving school. Unhealthy habits and a lack of exercise resulted in excessive weight gain and poor eating habits. As he entered his late twenties, Yosef felt consistently unwell and lacked energy. One day, while struggling to tie his shoes and being out of breath, he had an epiphany. Determined to make a change, he joined the gym at work and completely overhauled his diet. Yosef committed to regular exercise and never looked back. This transformative moment marked the beginning of his journey towards a healthier and happier life.

Yosef takes us on a journey of risk-taking, resilience, and finding true happiness through running and making healthier choices. From facing adversity and overcoming multiple injuries to embracing a positive mindset, his story is one of determination and self-discovery. As a senior stage manager at NBC’s Today Show, Yosef' high-pressure job is mirrored by the challenges he has faced in his own personal journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Join us as we delve into Yosef's remarkable transformation, his passion for running, and his unwavering commitment to self-care and long-term health.

Yosef Herzog is a New York native, born and raised in Brooklyn. He’s currently the senior stage manager at NBC’s Today Show in Rockefeller center and loves to travel and see live music in his free time. Yosef began his weight loss and running journey at 29 when he decided to start living a healthy lifestyle and was featured in Men’s Health. Yosef has run 6 marathons and 13 half marathons to date and is currently training for the NYC marathon this November. 

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