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In our most recent episode, Steve Clair takes us on a journey through his past, sharing personal experiences and insights gained along the way. Join us as we delve into topics such as maturity, family dynamics, personal growth, and the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive individuals. At a young age, Steve confesses to not fully understanding everything. He reflects on his lack of maturity during that time and expressed a desire to have been more supportive and present for those around him.

Throughout the podcast episode, Steve goes on to share challenging incidents from his past and the profound impact they had on his life. These experiences shaped relationships and forced him to navigate the aftermath of unexpected events with resilience and determination. He emphasize the importance of learning from failures, embracing a growth mindset, and surrounding oneself with ambitious and proactive individuals.

Steve discusses personal losses, both of his mother at a young age and the recent passing of his best friend and mentor. His vulnerability while sharing these experiences will resonate with anyone who has gone through profound loss. He reflects on the impact these losses had on his life, the void it created, and the importance of seeking the right support system

Work hard, work smart, and get sh*t done. Steve Clair, The Millennial Broker is a creative collaborator and brand-builder who has spent the last 14 years growing his portfolio of real estate, wellness and hospitality businesses while also helping his friends & clients realize their own goals. In addition to Steve's real estate business he is also the founder of NDOband, a fitness lifestyle brand that specialize in collaborative brand partnerships and private labeling fitness products for trainers, gyms/studios and organizations. 

With his podcast The Self Starters Show and his networking events, Self Starters Networking, he's on a mission to ignite the same fire in others while educating and connecting. If the team wins, we all win.

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