Ediva says, “the only time you can call something impossible is if you’ve first tried everything.” On Mile 40 Podcast and Break Barriers, this is the message we’re all about. Try for one more mile or one more milestone. Ediva Zanker, the CoFounder of GRIT BXNG tells a compelling story about the social bonuses of community in a boxing gym! Maybe you don’t need to punch your friends, but at GRIT, you can have a drink with them after a hard workout. In her chat with Bishoy, she talks about finding her identity. Through boxing, she was able to say, “I Am Me. I Am MY Power!”  

Ediva Zanker co-founded a boutique fitness boxing studio in Union Square, NYC called GRIT BXNG. GRIT is a 50-minute high intensity full-body workout which incorporates treadmills, aquabag water filled punching bags and weights in an immersive club-like studio. Investors include Tony Robbins, Pitbull and Tim Draper. Before starting GRIT, Ediva was one of three females to compete in boxing at Syracuse University. 

Website: gritbxng.com

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