The doctors told James' mom that he might be born with no limbs. She set the tone early, she was ready to love and raiser her son to meet his highest potential no matter what. At age one, he was diagnosed with severe asthma, and over the course of his lifetime, he has been hospitalized over twenty times and experienced being airlifted to the hospital. Growing up in a low-income, high-crime area of Mount Vernon, New York, James' potential might have been limited in some peoples' eyes. A man who built his reputation by continually showing up when the universe stacked the odds against him, he lives a line that he preaches daily, "Rest if you must, but don't you quit." 

James's journey started taking off at a modeling contest and then quickly elevated to dancing with Madonna. Keeping things light, James says, "Life is like a simulation, as long as you 100% believe in what you want."  Today, James is a certified coach at ToneHouse, the premiere, athletic-based, Strength & Conditioning training facility touted by many as one of the most intensive workouts in the New York City fitness scene.  

James T. McMillian, a NASM certified Personal Trainer, as well as certified in Trigger Point self-myofascial release techniques, and native of Mt. Vernon, NY, obtained his B.A. in Visual and Performing Arts from Syracuse University. Since the age of five, James’ passion for fitness and excellence was evident as he thrived in football, wrestling, track and rugby, which extended through high school and college. Through athletics, he developed a deeper love for fitness, which led to his immense passion for health and aiding others in their pursuit to reach their optimal level of fitness.  After being recognized for his own fitness, he was later signed to the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in 2011 and featured regularly in the Men’s Fitness Magazine, Muscle and Fitness Magazine and Nike campaigns. Early in his childhood, James and his family received devastating news restricting him from participating in athletics due to Asthma. Being the fighter he is, he laughed at the report and committed himself to proving to the doctors and others that despite difficult obstacles, greatness can be achieved with the mental fortitude to succeed. Through his vibrant personality, he works to convey to clients his belief that training should be an experience and never a task. His mantra is "If your heart beats you are already motivated to succeed. Nothing can stop the will of heart.”

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