Roger's humble beginnings in the industry were reflected through his hustle, his resources were limited but his work ethic was abundant. Roger shares the outcomes of his adulthood manifestation. His journey has no shortage of highlights, he shares tales of how his willingness to take on jobs that others may have passed on ultimately led him to the the mentors that helped him rise the ranks of his industry. 

In the highly saturated world of content creation, Roger could easily question his place however he trusted his gut, he read the signs and despite the fact that he now works with the most recognized CEOs, athletes, and performers in the world, he is only beginning to unleash his calling and his purpose to help those starting on their path. 

Roger is a Florida-born Global Creative Director based in California. After growing up in Miami, he moved to New York to pursue his bachelors in business management, graduated from Iona University and started making his passion full-time. His content is super memorable, from start ups to celebrities everyone is looking to work with Roger Rojas, “The Content CEO”. He has worked with notable CEOs such as Dan Fleyshman, Cindy Eckert, Grant Cardone, Patrick Mahomes, Steve Aoki and many others.  If he isn’t following CEOs then you can find him covering various international and domestic retreats as Creative Director for Active Escapes Barbados and Tulum.  He likes to shoot in a loose, fluid manner and always leaves a project with a smile. California based with a Miami edge and New York hustle. Roger brings passion and personality to every shoot.

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