Darren Mota, no stranger to obesity had trouble breathing at work after a short climb up TWO steps. Within days, he knew something had to change and he got himself to the gym only to then discover that his continued trouble breathing was perhaps linked to a deviated septum. After getting a CT Scan at the doctor's office to check the severity of his suspicion, the doctor informed Mr. Mota that there was a bigger problem, the results uncovered a baseball-sized brain tumor.

As a child, Darren's mother died while he was in his infancy, and his father immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic. A few years in after the move to New York, Darren's father was murdered in an honorable attempt to protect a young lady pestered that evening inside a bar, his killer has yet to be identified. His grandparents took him in as their own and instilled the fortitude that carried him forward as life continued to throw obstacles on his path.

Mota's inspiring story perfectly depicts the one-mile-at-a-time approach that inspired The Mile 40 Podcast.

Darren Mota is a native New Yorker with a passion for people, sports, and health & wellness. He lives an active life and believes that fitness, healthy eating, and recovery is the key to living longer. You will frequently find Darren in the gym at 6am every morning, running a race on Saturdays, and playing baseball on Sundays.

Darren didn’t always have this mindset. After battling obesity and beating a brain tumor, that switch quickly flipped. He hopes through his story and journey he will inspire others to live a healthy life and believe that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. “You can either lie down and give up or get up and fight to regain control of your life.

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