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Jordan Utley's life unfolded like a leaf riding the currents of a river—seemingly passive and unanchored. In the dance of routine—the ebb of practice and the flow of school days—Jordan was adrift, unaware of the reins steering the journey. As time etched lines of wisdom on Jordan's being, reflections on the past revealed hidden battles. A sense of abandonment, an unintended legacy from a father who passed away while Jordan was a youngster, became the silent undertow against which Jordan wrestled. With growing self-awareness and a brave dive into the depths of personal challenge, Jordan now seeks to swim against the current of that early emotional void, fighting through the complexities of an abandoned child's heart and mind to forge a path of healing and understanding.

Jordan is an Atlanta-based Health & Fitness Performance coach, intertwines coaching with his life's mission.  By conquering challenging terrains and embracing the philosophy of doing hard things, he guides individuals to live a happier and healthier life.  Inspired by his local community groups and the people that helped him along his personal growth journey, is now focused on helping and inspiring others through his life experiences.

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