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Harper Spero is a resilient individual with a remarkable story. Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Harper endured a challenging journey of self-acceptance due to a rare disease that cast a shadow over her life from a young age. Despite the personal struggle and the fear of judgment, Harper successfully concealed her condition from even those closest to her.

Harper's eventual confession was a revelation, not just of her hidden illness, but also of her deep-seated insecurity and discomfort with her identity. Her email was a plea for understanding and compassion, an admission that she could no longer carry the burden alone and a hope that her friendship wouldn't be tainted by this disclosure.

The response she received was nothing short of supportive. Her best friend's immediate reassurance with an "oh my God, we're here for you" was the embrace Harper needed to start shedding the weight of her secret. This gesture of solidarity marked a new chapter for Harper, one where she no longer needed to hide or fear being judged for something beyond her control.

Harper Spero's story is a testament to the power of vulnerability and the strength found in the honest connections with those who truly care. Her journey is a striking example of how opening up about one's struggles can not only pave the way toward personal acceptance but can also forge deeper, more meaningful bonds with others.

Harper Spero is a storyteller, community builder, podcast host and business coach. During a fast-paced career in marketing, PR, and event production spanning the beauty, music, and tech industries, Harper’s life came to a halt with a life-altering surgery due to her rare immunodeficiency, Hyper IgE Syndrome. After living quietly with her invisible illness for nearly three decades, Harper’s surgery was the straw that broke her silence, leading to the creation of the Made Visible podcast, sharing her writing with the world, and business coaching and consulting. Her work has been featured in Health Magazine, Forbes, Well+Good, and more, and aims to uplift the voices of those living with invisible illnesses. Harper works with companies to create more inclusive work environments for people living with invisible illnesses. Through storytelling and community-building, she enhances the employee experience and allows those who are not affected to become more educated, informed and compassionate. Harper is on the Board of Trustees for the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF). She’s a born and raised Manhattanite with a deep love of concerts and music festivals.

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