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Once a wide-eyed dreamer with a rebellious streak, Thomas Obrey grew from his roots in a world where potential often went astray. Surrounded by clever but wayward youths, he saw firsthand how a blend of intelligence, ambition, and charisma could mislead promising individuals if not properly channeled. Yet, with his sharp mind and a heart full of ambition, Thomas also knew that a small shift in focus could transform lives—that stepping out of one's comfort zone could mean the difference between stagnation and reinvention.

Despite the success he has enjoyed over his accomplished career, Thomas vividly recalls his earlier days, his trajectory profoundly shaped by the understanding that one's past never entirely fades. He carries with him the perspective of his youth—the sense that the divide between troubles and triumph is fragile and thin as wet tissue paper.

Thomas's life is a testament to his belief: that the energy and determination that once fueled his misdirection could be redirected to launch him into a life of purpose. Now, he stands as a beacon to others who, much like his younger self, find themselves on the brink, to demonstrate that the path to change is laden with possibility. Thomas Obrey's journey narrates a story of transformation, a trek from restlessness to self-realization, and a conviction that with a little focus, even those teetering on the edge can achieve the extraordinary.

Thomas Obrey co founded PixelMEDIA, a full service Digital Agency focused on eCommerce, in 1994, and served as its CTO, Managing Partner and Chief Strategist for three decades. As an active practitioner he served as the delivery leader, a collaboration partner, and executive producer to thousands of engagements in the B2C and B2B space.

Individually, he has gained national accolades for his work, been published a number of times, awarded for his technology and design work, was a featured speaker at TEDx on Innovation and Collaboration, and served eight+ years on the Salesforce Partner Advisory Board for Commerce Cloud.

PixelMEDIA was rebranded as RafterOne in June of 2022, and subsequently purchased by The Interpublic Group in October of 2023.

Mr. Obrey currently spends his time as an Advisor, Investor and Mentor to people and products within the eCommerce and startup space, and as a Leathersmith.

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