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Julian Devine is a person whose philosophy on life is steeped in appreciation and care. He embraces the short yet wondrous journey of living with a fervor that is rooted in his own experiences. As a child, Julian struggled through considerable emotional turmoil, having wrestled with undiagnosed depression and a deeply ingrained pessimism. The hardships of youth, where he felt a disconnect from open conversations with his parents, served as a silent battleground for his internal struggles.

Julian's narrative is one of transformation and self-discovery. Learning to navigate the waters of his own mental health, he realized the power of dialogue and the importance of treating life with respect. His belief is simple yet profound: nurture life and it will nurture you back. The trials he faced as a kid taught him the immense value of acknowledging and addressing one's feelings, shaping him into the reflective individual he is today.

Julian is portrayed not just as a survivor of his own inner demons but as an advocate for living life with joy and gratitude. His story serves as a beacon for others, illuminating the truth that even when we face our darkest thoughts, there is light in understanding, communication, and a positive outlook on the wondrous experience of being alive.

Julian Devine “JD” is a jack of all trades. After building his professional career as a dancer in NYC, he took his liking to fighting and trained with some of the best fighters in the business. With a fight under his belt he challenged himself further by becoming a credited coach through the boutique & personal training world. From there he elevated to training celebrities & professional athletes out of the one & only Strength Club NYC. 

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