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One fall evening, while running the streets of Manhattan with his key tucked into his sock and phone bouncing around in his short pocket, founder Terry White could only hope he’d return with everything he left with. His workout was a time to release - to let go of deadlines and formalities. It didn’t feel right to be worrying, or even thinking, about how to protect his valuables. Then, after one of those cliche conversations with his roommates in a dark and cramped NYC apartment, an idea for a solution was born.

Terry, the founder and CEO of WOLACO talks about how he brought his vision to life embracing a lean startup mentality; he shares learning moments over the past decade of building WOLACO from the ground up. Terry looks back on his journey and reflects on his pride around WOLACO'S commitment to its' mission to promote an active lifestyle and he doesn't shy away from leaning into the darker moments he encountered while steering the ship. He talks about making difficult decisions in moments of uncertainty and maintaining resolve as a leader to lead his team in their most challenging moments.

Terry graduated from Harvard in 2012 where he was the captain of the Division I lacrosse team. After 2 years in real estate development he decided to venture down a path less traveled and founded WOLACO with $6k in savings and a successful Kickstarter campaign. Terry is a true entrepreneur that possesses ingenuity and persistence along with a sincere vision for product innovation and building a brand that is poised for profound generational impact.

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