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Erin Falter answers the question, "What value do you bring to the table?" From her journey as an entrepreneur consulting startups see through their visions, Erin has been on a journey to understand the importance of her work and has been intentional about being present in life to take advantage of all the opportunities in front of her.

Erin is the founder of Pink Skies, a marketing consultancy for startups, and the creator of WORKWORK, a self-growth and mindfulness newsletter. With a data and analytics background from Tydo, she helps clients achieve meaningful business results through strategies supported by data. Notable clients include New Era Cap, Dose, Gwella/Mojo, Tandym, AsWeMove, among others. Through her newsletter, WORKWORK, Erin emphasizes the importance of both inner work and external ambitions: they are inextricably linked. She is also grateful to be a top requested mentor on Mentorpass, a platform that connects founders and operators with experienced startup mentors.

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