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It's not easy to contextualize running a marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes; it is however unanimous that only the most elite have refined their programming to accomplish such a feat. In Moritz' case the accomplishment came on the heals of a major physical setback, an ACL tear which for many would have had them considering walking away from the sport altogether.

Moritz flourished in team sports, played ice hockey as well as soccer growing up in his native Switzerland when an anterior curciate ligament injury led him onto a different path in his mid-twenties. While recovering from the ACL tear, he discovered his passion and talent for running leading to him finishing his first two marathons in Zürich and New York in 2017. The lockdowns during the Covid pandemic motivated him, together with a group of friends, to further improve his performances resulting in him becoming a semi-professional, 2:30h marathoner while pursuing a career in finance at the same time.

Next to have finished 4/6 of the Marathon Majors and aiming to complete the full set in 2024, Moritz also enjoys racing on the stunning trails of the European alps. If you would like to follow his running journey and get some useful advice, check out his IG @moritzrunning.

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