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On this insightful episode, Bishoy takes a leap and gets personal. He invites his wife Christine Tadros, a recent mother to their daughter Alaina and a practicing psychologist. They candidly share their individual experiences as a couple whose individual dynamic stems from different attachment styles – Christine admittedly more avoidant and Bishoy who was anxious discuss how they work on consistent changes to bridge the gap to being secure Throughout the conversation, they discuss how these attachment styles have influenced their relationship dynamics and how they've worked together to make positive changes.

As a couple, Christine and Bishoy shed light on the journey they've taken to make positive changes individually and as a couple. They talk about giving each other monthly report cards and how Christine knows how to play the system by acting up in the beginning of each month taking advantage of Bishoy's poor memory by the time her grade is due.

This heartfelt and reflective episode is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding attachment theory, reflecting on personal growth, and peaking into how relationships evolve over time.

Christine Tadros completed her Doctorate of Psychology from C.W. Post, Long Island University and upon completion she has been a practicing psychologist for nearly a decade. She is a mom (dog, and human), wife, and self-proclaimed comedian.

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