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Jonathan was your typical Long Island youngster, a talented lacrosse player who on the surface was like everyone else. On the inside however, he knew he was built different, admittedly he was suppressing his suspicions and the question was whether it was a "good" different or if there was something wrong. He recalls around the time he was going to college asking his mother if schizophrenia or mental illness ran in his family and not too long after, she took him to visit a medium she was seeing on the back of her sister's tragic death. It was shortly after that visit that Jonathan who was at first skeptical, uncovered his gift. On this episode, Jonathan talks about the time he read Scott Disick, his experience working on cold cases, and he opens up about the emotional weight of having this gift that very few people can understand.

On the surface, Jonathan is your typical 28-year old snowboarder, surfer, college lacrosse coach in his tie-dye hoodies, baseball hats, and Yeezy’s, yet underneath his millennial gear is his secret gift of connecting to the lives that have passed and the spirits of the unknown. Jonathan always knew he was different but it wasn't until he was 20, when that calling was confirmed by a fellow psychic medium, where he has since been perfecting that craft. Jonathan has been sought after by some of the world's top celebrities, CEOs, professional athletes, first responders, and power executives to help them find answers and seek guidance from loves ones that have crossed over. His main goal is reaching the masses and spreading hope during a hopeless time.

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