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Richard Harris and Scott Leese are the co-hosts of The Surf & Sales Podcast and on this episode of Mile 40 we dive into the ups and downs of their respective journeys as thought leaders within the sales world. Individually they have both distinguished themselves and together they are a force highlighting the raw aspects of humanity within the industry. The pursuit of a professional career as an athlete, the redirection of course due to a medical diagnosis, and the reprioritization of mental health in the shadows of life's pits are just a couple of the topics we touch on.

The Surf & Sales Podcast -  Everyone is looking for help in sales, yet so few are willing to give it unselfishly. Richard Harris and Scott Leese have teamed up to bring their best advice from their own life experiences, real-world job experiences, and what they see sales reps and leaders do right and, equally, do wrong so you can be the best at your craft as well. 

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