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What's it like being a gastroenterologist and an avid health enthusiast? Dr. Andrew Shehata recounts his story of constantly being told they he couldn't until he could. He shares memories of how he parlayed his on call 24-hour shifts with a gym session directly after to maintain his health. Why? Because he's on a mission to not only tell his patients how to live a healthier life, but he's also walking the talk. As he shares on this episode of Mile 40, he had every reason to walk away from his dream of becoming a doctor but in his mind, giving up was never an option. He never had plans of being an ordinary doctor and his actions have guided him to where he is today.

Dr. Andrew Shehata is wrapping up his internal medicine residency in New Jersey and starting his fellowship in Gastroenterology this coming July for 3 years. 

He has always loved health, fitness, and bodybuilding. Throughout the years even in medical school and residency he has taken pride in still cooking his meals/meal prep and working out as best as he can to stay as healthy as possible and always working on improving his physique. 

Throughout medical school and into residency Dr. Shehata has always wanted to be a Gastroenterologist. He has wanted to not only help people who suffer with GI malignancies, most notably colon cancer, but to help those who suffer from GI issues and help incorporate his knowledge and own lifestyle practices of nutrition and instill it onto his patients. 

One of his main goals has to been to take his passion for fitness and combine it with his medical knowledge so that he can get people healthier in a preventive way. 

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