The idea of reinventing yourself is daunting to most, expressly when tying in social media. Wael Davis talks about living from the truth of who you are with a particular realization of the benefits this has for your entire circle. While change is difficult for the bulk of us, respect and dignity is a recipe worth sharing. Wael’s cadence is a stride as pleasant as his mantra, “lead with a smile and a grateful heart.”

Wael Davis is a New York-based digital and social professional with over ten years experience in the world of marketing. He began his career as an Entertainment Journalist for the CW Network, Young Hollywood, and Haute Living Magazine interviewing the biggest names in fashion, music, and entertainment. After a few years he began to see a shift in the online space and knew that social media would become the new frontier for how brands /celebrities communicate with fans and consumers alike. Over the years, he has worked on and crafted social content for some of the world’s most beloved brands including Donna Karan, Perry Ellis, Madewell, and Steve Madden.

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