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Brian Beckcom, a multifaceted individual with a compelling life story marked by personal tragedy, a rich military background, and a profound dedication to philosophy and law joins us on this episode of Mile 40. In our conversation, Brian opens up about the crucial influences that have shaped his values, from the heart-wrenching loss of his mother at a young age to the lessons he learned from both exemplary and flawed leaders. We'll explore his journey from a high-paying corporate defense lawyer to representing individuals against powerful entities, his passion for philosophy, and how he found solace and strength in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Join us as Brian shares his insights on the importance of seeking meaningful connections over mere happiness, the ethical challenges at the intersection of technology and law, and how the lessons learned from his upbringing and career continue to fuel his quest for a life well-lived.

Brian Beckcom is a Computer Scientist, Philosopher, & Trial Lawyer based in Houston, Texas. He has been voted a Texas Super Lawyer 14 consecutive times—every single year he has been eligible. Brian’s law firm, VB Attorneys, is one of the best law firms in the United States, and has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars for the firm’s clients, including many record-breaking results.

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