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Kelly Anne Parker, Founder of Send Ribbon acquired by UrbanStems, struggled with severe health issues that went undiagnosed for an extensive period. Each month, Kelly faced incapacitating symptoms that far exceeded the typical discomfort experienced by her friends, prompting her to seek further medical evaluation. Her persistence led to a specialist appointment where an MRI revealed late-stage endometriosis not only in her uterus but alarmingly spread to her kidneys and bowels as well.

The discovery came merely months after a significant corporate acquisition, marking a challenging phase in her life both professionally and personally. The extent of her condition shocked her medical team, with her surgeon expressing deep sympathy for the pain she endured, recognizing the extraordinary strength it took to live under such conditions.

Kelly's story underscores her resilience and the power of advocacy. Whether it's crossing the finish line at a marathon or navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, Kelly's journey teaches us about the power of resilience and the passion that drives us to move mountains.

Kelly Anne Parker is the bootstrapped Founder of Send Ribbon a corporate gifting company that was acquired by Series C Company UrbanStems in 2020. Since the exit of her company, Kelly has launched B2BKP to help other Founders launch, grow, and exit their companies. Kelly is a Speaker, Founder Coach, and an Entrepreneur with a passion for solving hard problems and giving back. Kelly most recently ran the New York City Marathon and fundraised for the Endometriosis Foundation of America's team after being diagnosed with the disease herself and continues to be an advocate in finding a cure. 

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