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Nick Barrotta joins us on Mile 40 and shares his journey from the long days at Tyler Perry Studios to creating impactful connections and planting seeds in the entertainment industry, Nick shares his trajectory without a Plan B, emphasizing the power of resilience and a positive mindset. Whether it's overcoming industry challenges or balancing family life, Nick's story proves that authenticity and hard work pave the way to achievement. Tune in as we unpack the resilience and authenticity that propel Nick in his thriving career and his personal endeavors as a father and husband.

Nick Barrotta is an Actor and Host — currently starring in Tyler Perry’s hit show, “The Oval” on BET. He was born in LA and raised on Long Island in Huntington, NY. Nick kicked off his career working for publications and outlets such as Celebuzz, The Wrap and Entertainment Tonight interviewing some of the biggest names in Hollywood including John Legend and Khloe Kardashian. Later on his career, Nick made his debut on Divorce Court in August of 2018 where he served as the Bailiff and Court Reporter on the show. He has appeared in pictorials for OK Magazine, In Touch Weekly and US Weekly.

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