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Matt Shendell is a figure who has learned resilience through adversity. He champions the notion that it's completely acceptable to falter, a lesson internalized through experiences that taught him acceptance of failure is part of the journey. He firmly believes in the value of perseverance, reminding himself of his proficiency and passion for his work.

In the aftermath of challenges, Matt adopts a methodical approach to problem-solving. His process involves actively dissecting the situation, differentiating between what worked and what didn't. He commits to learning from missteps by envisioning a mental 'whiteboard', where he maps out corrective strategies and establishes new protocols. This rigorous self-assessment and adaptation underscore Matt's resolve to continually evolve and refine both his personal and professional life, setting an example of growth through reflective practice.

Matt’s has encountered the rough waves of entrepreneurship, from managing rapid success and expansion to facing  an array of sobering challenges. Matt opens up about the personal and professional setbacks he's faced, such as  simultaneously navigating  a divorce and recalibrating after almost two decades of smooth sailing. 

On this episode, Matt shares invaluable advice for fellow entrepreneurs on the importance of proper capitalization, planning for growth, and expecting failure while maintaining a humble mindset. We'll also discuss the significant impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior, why the allure of nightlife is making room for the fitness and wellness boom among younger generations, and how personal struggles have reshaped not only his business strategies but also his personal life

About Paige Hospitality Group

Founded by hospitality veteran Matt Shendell, Paige Hospitality Group operates some of New York's most sought after restaurants and venues. Paige Group's superior service and dedication to the individual's experience has been the successful formula behind their spaces.

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