Mile 40 Podcast Episode 55 Featuring Lexi Mickens: Empowering Others On and Off The Court

Episode Promotional Partner: Rhone Use Code: Mile40 in-store or online at ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ for 20% off your purchase. Offer valid for New Customers Only. On this episode of Mile 40 Podcast, we dove deep with Lexi Mickens, a former college athlete and entrepreneur. In the midst of learning she lost her job while late in her pregnancy, she turned a setback into a major comeback, founding Run It Back, a nonprofit changing communities through sports. Run It Back is currently active in 14 states, and it's only just the start. The mission of the organization is threefold: free basketball engagements, student athlete mentorship, and corporate partnerships serving the community in a multitude of ways. Tune into this episode to find out how Lexi transformed her love for basketball into a revolution for the community, and how you can get involved. Combining her love of sports with her corporate skills, she founded Run It Back, a nonprofit that aims to transform communities through sports. Join us as we delve into Lexi's journey from being an energetic shooting guard in high school to becoming an invaluable asset in the tech industry, then eventually stepping into the entrepreneurial world full time. We'll dive deep into the fascinating story behind Run It Back and its three pillars: offering free basketball engagements, student athlete mentorship, and partnerships with corporate giants. All this and more, touching personal stories, future plans, and how you can get involved with Run It Back. Stay tuned and let's jump right into this inspiring adventure. Lexi Mickens is a former collegiate athlete turned Corporate America worker. Her determination, leadership and compassion on the court led her to working for the best corporations in both tech and sports. Lexi's experience ranges from helping corporations build their mergers and acquisitions onboarding experience, structuring community culture through hosting local events for colleagues, providing opportunities for employees to become citizen philanthropists by establishing impact in their neighborhoods and creating/managing stakeholder relationships. Her current goals are to revolutionize communities through sports and help members of her non-profit, Run It Back, play the game, build a network and advance their career—all while staying involved in the sport they love. Run It Back organizes free open basketball runs (5 on 5s) around the country for students over 12 and adults of all ages. You’ll meet people in your community, receive photos and videos to commemorate the run, and connect with people to broaden your professional network. Open runs are separated by age, with co-ed runs offered for adults 18+, open runs for females only 18+ and open runs for student athletes ages 12-17. They provide 1:1 mentoring opportunities for student athletes ages 12-21. Their mentorship is based on a curriculum that has helped student athletes receive both academic and athletic scholarships. Run It Back focuses on developing emotional intelligence, practicing new skills and interests, gaining confidence, and becoming more connected to your local community and school. Run It Back mentors are former student athletes who are a part of their open-run community. Each mentor must go through a background check and provide both a resume and reference list prior to becoming a confirmed mentor. Lastly, they provide free professional development to adult participants. Mentorship and development doesn’t stop when school is done. Run It Backs offers our players resume reviews, mock interviews, and speed-networking opportunities. Through partnerships with corporations, they pair adults with professionals who can share career advice and advancement strategies. More on Mile 40: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠  Instagram: @mile_40_podcast @bishoy_tadros YouTube: Purchase Your Copy of Break Barriers Today - Use Code MILE40 for 40% off: ⁠

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