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In this week's episode, our guest Giulio Gallarotti takes us on an incredible journey through impactful travel experiences and offers valuable insights into the world of comedy. He regales us with stories of his transformative trips to Rwanda, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Despite the public narrative around these regions, Giulio discovered a different reality in these diverse locations. From witnessing urban development and a more affluent lifestyle in Rwanda to shattering his expectations in Iraq, Giulio's experiences break down stereotypes and challenge preconceived notions. We learn how Giulio's passion for travel has become an integral part of his personal and professional identity, adding richness and depth to his comedic material.

We also explore Giulio's thoughts on the intersection of comedy and hosting, the challenges of creating objective content on sensitive topics, and the evolving dynamics of building his podcast, "Oops". He shares his thoughts on the dynamics of being a comedian. He recognizes the unique ability of comedians to connect with their audience through relatable experiences. He dives into the challenges of pursuing a comedy career in contrast to traditional professions. Giulio contemplates the lack of clear career paths in comedy and the uncertainty that comes with it. The episode concludes with Giulio wrestling with his feelings towards competition and difficulty, drawing on his background as a former competitive tennis player.

Giulio Gallarotti is a New York City based standup comedian, actor, host and podcaster. He made his Netflix stand-up comedy special debut on Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends in June 2022. His podcast, "Oops," is regularly listed on the iTunes top charts. He has appeared on TV shows such as Peacock’s Bupkis, Hulu's Ramy, AXS Gotham Comedy Live and MTV's Totally Clueless/Girl Code, as well as Comedy Central and Sirius XM radio. Giulio is an avid traveler which he has documented in several projects including Places You Can Go (Afghanistan and Iraq) and Standup in Rwanda: It's Not So Different. On his most recent trip to Afghanistan he started a school in a small town of a remote province that now employs 7 teachers and educates over 150 boys and girls. Giulio performs regularly at comedy clubs in NYC and across the country.

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